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Amber Moir Studio Practice


Amber Moir (b.1990) is an artist working from Cape Town, South Africa.


Amber Moir’s large-scale, immersive works push the limitations of traditional monotype techniques and exist as a confluence of painting, drawing and print. Watercolours are used to paint on sheets of polypropylene plastic before being impressed onto damp calico fabric through the physical and unpredictable process of printing with a manual pitch-roller. Once dry, some of the works develop into drawings, as shaded areas and fine lines are added with colour pencils. Strips of folded fabric and uneven printed surfaces serve as visual cues of the physical and hybrid nature of Moir’s process.


“The language of my work is forged through translating painted plates into pitch-rolled prints. My initial interest in printmaking was the feeling of facilitating a series of events rather than imposing something directly on to a substrate, and this remains fundamental to my work. I overwork the plates with an awareness that some of the mark and pigment will be lost in the transfer. I like that this process pares down intensity and results in works that retain complexity but feel even-keeled.  A  separation between myself and the work comes with the image shifting its weight, from left to right. Printing turns the work on its axis and it suddenly exists as a mirrored reflection of itself”.


Solo Exhibitions 

2023 - Only the River, Reservoir Projects, Cape Town

2021 - Composition by Field, Salon 91, Cape Town

2020 - Along the Line, Salon 91, Cape Town

2019 - In Praise of Shadows, Salon 91, Cape Town

Group Exhibitions

2021 - Falling Awake, The Fourth, Cape Town

2021 - To Whom It May Concern, Salon91, Cape Town

2020 - Peep Show, Online

2020 - Turbine Art Fair, Johannesburg

2020 - A Hazy Shade of Winter, Salon 91, Cape Town

2020 - Investec Cape Town Art Fair, Cape Town

2019 - Wildflowers, Salon 91, Cape Town

2019 - Spier Light Art Festival (as part of Auckland Studios), Stellenbosch

2019 - NEXT , Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, Sydney

2019 - Investec Cape Town Art Fair, Cape Town

2018 - Turbine Art Fair, Johannesburg

2018 - Endless, Salon 91, Cape Town

2018 - Proof, SMAC Gallery, Cape Town

2017 - SS17, Gallery MOMO, Cape Town

2015 - Turbine Art Fair, Johannesburg

2015 - Hinterlands, GUS Gallery, Stellenbosch

2015 - Domestic Odyssey, AVA Gallery, Cape Town

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